Want to Scale Your Business to 6 Figures with Confidence?

You’ve experienced success in all areas of your life... But now it’s time to learn how you can experience the same in your business… STAT.

You've been killing it! And you’ve got your own online business that is on the rise.

But you don’t have that “Momma I made it” feeling (yet).

You know there is potential to grow 2 or 3 times more than your current monthly earnings. But there’s this little voice in the back of your head interrogating you with questions.

Where do I even begin? Do I have enough money saved up? What if I fail?

It can be a bit overwhelming. So you continue on, stuck in the cycle of thinking like an employee. The only way to combat this overwhelming resistance is to get yourself informed.

What will it take to level up your business without sacrificing everything you love about life?

Cut out what is unnecessarily taking your time and use it to develop yourself into the leader you need to be for your business. It will take time, but you will develop the confidence you need to start and scale your business to 6 figures and beyond.

Feeling discouraged is a part of the game; however, you can cut out the countless hours of self-helping your way to quit-my-job income.

It is time to reach up and grab the hand of someone who will encourage you to dust yourself off and level up quickly!

You’ve already experienced success in every aspect of your life including academics, family, corporate work.. But what would it take to do the same for your business?

The fastest way to get there? 

1. Find somebody that has already been there, done that... And tweak it for your own. 

2. And get supported by a group of people that'll walk along the journey with you as they help you silence all the voices that are telling you "you can't do this".

It's so simple. Unfortunately, most people don't have either of the options at their disposal.

Personally? I didn't either. That's why it took me 10 years, starting and exiting from multiple businesses (ranging from 6-8 figures) to realize that these 2 options are the fastest ways to help a passionate entrepreneur build a thriving business STAT.

Those 10 years were valuable. But if someone gave me an option to collapse those years of work, and to scale my business faster than that? I would have taken it. 

And this is why I’ve decided to pull back the curtain on how you can turn your passion into a scalable 6 figure business.

Here's what I know about you.


You've had some wins in your business... But are still struggling to scale to and past 10k months. 


You want to learn from someone who has been in your shoes and knows exactly how to take your earnings to the next level.


You feel like you're under everyone's radar. Not enough people are seeing your work. 

Let's change this narrative. STAT.

BONUS: We have guest experts every month who will teach you their industry secrets.
All Zero to CEO Society members get access to these trainings at no additional fee.

And that's where Zero to CEO Society comes in. 

Everything in the society is designed to help you:

- Build a personal brand that is authentic to your vision, and has your ideal clients messaging you on a daily basis, "how do I work with you?!" 

- Have freedom in your schedule to work wherever, whenever-- without feeling chained to your laptop or burning yourself out posting every hour of the day 

- Establish yourself as a go-to authority that constantly gets invited to speak on summits, media interviews and so on... While getting your message out there in a bigger way

- Scale your business faster than you ever imagined

- Feel more supported and understood than ever (for the first time in your life, you'll have people rooting for you 24/7 cheering your entrepreneurial dreams on!)

There are 4 pillars behind every successful businesses.

And Zero to CEO Society has you covered on all areas.

The Inner Game:

Your membership will put you in an online space of like-minded entrepreneurs who will encourage you to be more productive, set routines, and have a healthy work life balance so the bigger picture ahead is as beautiful as the one in front of your eyes.


Positioning yourself as a go-to authority is one of the most important things you can do for your business. We will combine efforts to make sure you have an authentic personal brand and amazing offers to sell your product or service.


No matter how brilliant your products and services are, if you have no idea how to market or sell it... Or building your tribe... Your bank account will suffer. Steal some of my top marketing + sales strategies I've picked up over 10 years as an entrepreneur.


How to make sure all your work pays off in an on-going basis? Scaling. Whether it's on automating, delegating, or just taking your business to the next figure mark... Let's set your business up in an infinitely scaleable way.

** This society is a monthly, no-term commitment. Cancel at anytime by emailing [email protected] at least 5 days before the billing date. 

So what's in the society?

Coaching Threads

You have questions, I have answers. Whether it's a mindset block, business strategy etc... The coaching (Q&A) thread will be your place to ask me any questions. It’s the next best thing to private mentorship (which is a 5 figure investment).

Monthly Audio Trainings

Consider this as coaching on demand! Every month, you'll get audio trainings that I pull out from my arsenal of paid courses and workshops so that you're equipped with the fundamental business principles as well as cutting edge strategies.

Monthly Masterclasses

Customized-for-the-group strategies and action steps are great. But every successful CEO's need to stay on top of best marketing practices. These monthly masterclasses will keep you on the loop with best practices so that you can adapt faster than anyone else. 

Private Sanctuary

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. But it doesn't have to. In this private members-only community, you'll be surrounded by other bright minded powerhouse entrepreneurs that are on the same road as you. Whether you need a pick-me-up, or celebrate your wins, we have your back 24/7.

** This society is a monthly, no-term commitment. Cancel at anytime by emailing [email protected] at least 5 days before the billing date. 


- Getting prepared for the next 6 months

- Mapping out your vision

- Short term planning

- Long term planning

- How to price your products and services

- Calculating your hourly wage

- Online courses, group programs, 1-1 offers; How much should yours be?

- Everything you need to know about payment plans

- Figuring out your niche with crystal clarity

- Building your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar)

- How to reverse engineer your business model

- Doing market research effectively

- Figuring out where your soulmate clients hang out

- How to grow a loyal audience

- The science behind 1000 true fans

- Different ways to connect to your audience

- How to start an email list

- Creating a juicy freebie to collect leads easily

- Introduction to email funnels

- The importance of collecting lead before launching the business

- Showing your brand through Facebook

- How to get clients through Facebook for free

- How to increase your visibility and engagement on Facebook

- How to book calls using your FB list

- Creating a professional looking Instagram

- Building your own Instagram Strategy

- Growing an organic following on Instagram

- Converting followers into clients

- Crafting of a CEO morning routine

- Crafting of a CEO evening routine

- How to rewire your brain to lose bad habits and form new habits

- The basics behind neuroscience to heal past traumas and limiting beliefs

- How to manifest your wildest desires

- Rewriting your money story to remove money blocks

- Law of Attraction versus Law of Action

- CEO tips and hacks to be more productive

- How to make the most of your 24 hours

- Learning to get things done faster with better results

- Creating your 1:1 program and unique framework

- Social media meets launch, how to launch using social media

- Sales pages that converts

Meet Em

(a.k.a. The leader of Zero to CEO Society)

I’m Em, business growth strategist. I work with passion-driven experts to grow impactful and profitable businesses to 6-7 figure mark using my EMD framework.

And If there is one thing that I love more than margaritas (and my dog), it’s seeing startups grow and thrive.

As a former corporate sales consultant for one of the fastest growing companies in North America, and having grown and scaled businesses for the last ten years in various sectors-- hospitality, finances, entertainment, and e-learning. I’ve raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that I’ve worked for, and personally was able to scale my own companies past multi 6 figure mark in a record-breaking time.

Whether it’s a company without a solid business idea, or a multi 8+ figure company with various investors.. I know exactly how to navigate through the up’s and down’s and take the start-up to the next level. FAST.

And I can’t wait to do the same for your business.

** This society is a monthly, no-term commitment. Cancel at anytime by emailing [email protected] at least 5 days before the billing date. 


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