So that course that you've been wanting and working to launch for AGES....

What if in just 6 weeks from now, it's fully built, launched, and have students enrolled? 


E-learning industry turns over $355 million on a DAILY basis... And continues to grow.

From post secondary institutions starting to offer online courses, online degrees, and million dollar empires being born just from these course launches… And being splattered with online ads that tell you to spend thousands of dollars in paid traffic every single day.

It’s a growing industry that everyone is trying to get a piece of pie from. You included.

Except.. You have no idea where to even start. #ShinyIdeaSyndrome

Workshops after workshops. Roaming around girl boss groups asking questions (only to be punched by “hey girl, buy my $5000 program” in the comments)... YouTube tutorial after tutorial.. Guru webinar after another webinar…

Even though you have SOME ideas and a brilliant vision, you have no idea how to make it happen. The middle steps and all the smaller details just seem daunting.

But you know that, once those middle steps and smaller details are figured out?

Your course would not only be out already… But you’d have students whose lives are being transformed with your guidance. As well, your bank account would look a lot nicer too.

The good news? You’re not alone.

How I know this? I WAS you. 

Despite spending the last 10 years growing and scaling businesses in various sectors and having so much expertise to offer… I had NO idea how to put it altogether..

Ready to build, launch and sell your 1st (or 2nd) online course in the next 6 weeks?

**The live round starts May 12th, 2019**



Especially not in a format of a course.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours trying to discover the “secret”. Programs, coaches, ebooks, cheat sheets etc..

And even though I learned a lot, I’ve noticed two things.

  1. They don’t tell you what REALLY matters… Sure, it’s inspiring to look at their journey. But what about implementing them? The action steps?
  2. The marketing strategies that they teach you in these programs work on the basis that you already have an audience of 50k+ that are ready to buy, and also on the fact that you can spend thousands of dollars a day on paid traffic. What about someone that’s starting to see traction, but don’t have a huge audience yet?

If there’s anything I learned from my experience at growing and scaling start-ups.. It’s that when it matters, you need to continue learning and bootstrapping until you discover the "secret" roadmap. 

(Well, not so much of a secret, but moreso of "something that nobody talks about") 


And turns out? The roadmap to launching a profitable course, without thousands in paid traffic, 50k+ list... DOES exist.

I was able to generate multiple 5 figures from selling my courses and workshops WITHOUT a cent of paid ads or a list of 50k+ people.

And since courses are passive income products, the revenue potential is limitless. It can take my business past a million mark by 2020 without me having to be there 24/7. 

Now, you have 2 choices:

1. Spend tens and thousands of of hours (and dollars) DIY-ing it trying to find that blueprint... Or going through the wrong blueprint as a whole. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll burn through paid ads. You might have to go through different programs… And still not end up launching anything.

2. You go to someone who already discovered the blueprint and swipe what they did.They tell you EXACTLY what to avoid and all the other shortcuts you need to know to build a profitable course even without having list of 50K+ people or thousands of dollars a day in ads. And you have a course up and running in 6 weeks.

If you're choosing option #1, then you can leave the page now (and thank you for reading!)

But if you're choosing option #2... I have a great idea for you.

A 6 week course building intensive for passion-driven experts that are ready to monetize their genius on steroids.. ASAP.

(But without working all the time like you're on steroids)

And honestly? it's SO much more than just an intensive. 

It is an exclusive mentorship for passion driven experts and influencers that are ready to launch a profitable course WITHOUT having to spend tens and thousands of dollars in ad spend before seeing a single student signed up.

It’s a blueprint to follow so that you never get lost on where to start or how to implement. (And you can follow this blueprint over and over again every time you build a course).

It’s a group of your new business besties on social media that will support your course launch and keep you accountable so that you get the success you deserve.

It’s your strategist / mentor (that’s me!) that has already paved the way for you-- and will share every bit of what’s working, not working, and how to make it work for YOUR unique course idea…. In your corner for 6 weeks.

It’s an answer to everything you need to launch a profitable course. (This is something I wish I had when I was launching my courses-- that’s why I created it!).

Everything in this intensive is to help you do 2 things:

  1. Moving QUICKLY so that you have your course up and running in 6 weeks.
  2. Make a huge impact to as many dream clients and students as you want, but without you having to spend thousands of hours in process

It's about cutting away the years of work, or going through program after program etc and not seeing any results. You spent enough months struggling to launch, and it’s time to get you up and running FAST.

And that looks like:

  • More clients / customers / subscribers / fans: You finally have something that you can bring to your audience as an offer… And impact their lives and your life too.
  • More time: You no longer need to spend tens of hours on a weekly basis on client work, or thousands of hours looking through “how to build and launch a course” as this intensive will tell you EXACTLY what to do.
  • Less heartache: No more spending thousands of hours spinning your wheels, only to not have anything launched or not having a single student. No more feeling not supported. You have an army of people (+ myself as your strategist) that are DYING to see you succeed.
  • More opportunities: Imagine being in a networking event, and you’re able to say “I also created a bunch of courses around X, Y,Z”... Nothing proves “I know my shit” like a well structured course does. Talk about a credibility booster, right? 

When you join this LIVE 6 week intensive, here’s what you get….

-- 6 weekly training calls (Value $6000) where we discuss everything from coming up with a profitable idea, tech, launch plan and even to running your first paid ads. Pretty much, everything that you need to know to have your course up and running in 6 weeks, you’ll get.

-- Facebook ads expert (Value $1500) to explain you what to do and NOT TO DO when you're creating your first paid ads, how to warm your audience, and the importance of split-testing.. So that you aren't trial and error-ing your way through your ad budget. You get it right QUICK.

-- A private FB community (Value $2000) that you can tap into at any time for support, to share wins, to ask questions, and for laser coaching so that you aren’t left alone to implement. You have all the support and help you need.

-- Weekly coaching + Q&As threads (Value $3000) where you can get support from me personally to navigate through your social media, marketing, tech and even business growth challenges.. So that even if you aren’t there for the training calls, you still have all the support you need on everything related to your course launch, and anything related to business.

-- Lifetime access to the trainings, modules and the contents of the intensive (Value PRICELESS) so that everytime you want to launch a course, you can just follow this blueprint so that you’re up and running quick.

-- Accountability pod of business besties (PRICELESS) that I’ll put together for you based on your course idea, so that you have not just my support, but also business besties supporting you in the 6 week journey. Don’t be surprised if these people become your first course affiliates or business besties forever ;)

Plus, whatever other bonus that I decide to throw in!

This is the first and only time I’m offering this intensive live. So I’m going all in.

The question is.. Are you all in too? 

The value of this intensive is AT LEAST $12k+. Your investment? $699.

(And if we consider what you could make from FINALLY getting your course out there as a revenue stream... Honestly, it's priceless).

Can't pay in full at the moment? No worries!

Grab your spot for 4 biweekly instalments of $200.

You have questions, I have answers.

MAY 12th - 1 - Choosing your course topics / Creating the plan & marketing strategy, Planning our world domination 

MAY 19th - 2 - Build a killer sales page / Course outlines / Pre-Selling
You may start making money as soon as week 2!!!

MAY 26th - 3 - Creating the lead magnet / Your email sequence for the funnel. The freebie for the goodies

JUNE 2nd - 4 - Creating the course content Make sure your schedule is open on that week. It's doable if you're focused!

JUNE 9th - 5 - Team beta-testing / Testimonials / Pre-Launch the course
With all my marketing tactics...

JUNE 16th - 6 - Creating the ads / Launching the course officially / budgeting for marketing campaigns 
The time has come to funnel it and forget it 

It starts on May 12th, 2019! 

The recordings of the training will be hosted in both the membership site and the Facebook community.

That's not a problem! We cover that in the first week of this intensive :) 

YES! and YES!

-- During the training calls, you can ask questions as well once the training is complete.

-- If you can't attend training live / or have questions that you couldn't ask during the training, there's weekly coaching + Q&A threads where you can ask any intensive + business related questions that I can answer.

-- And if that's not enough, you also have a 24/7 access to the FB community where I'll be dropping in every single day, as well as other intensive participants helping you out! 

This is the only time I'll be offering this intensive LIVE.

And once this round is done, it's going to go into the vault and will be sold as an evergreen program at a much higher investment level in late 2019. 

This means either of these 3 things:

1. You don't have $699 to pay in full at the moment. 
2. You don't see enough value because you don't know if this will work for your business. 
3. No money to invest at all (ex. credit cards maxed out etc) 

If #3 is a case, I highly suggest for you to hold off on signing up until you're in a better financial shape.

If #2 is a case, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. I'm happy to talk it through with you and give you my honest opinion as to whether this will be right fit. 

If #1 is the case, there's a biweely instalment plan!


send me a message on Facebook or Instagram. I'm happy to talk it through with you and give you my honest opinion as to whether this will be right fit. 

In case you haven’t met me yet…

I’m Em, business growth strategist. I work with passion-driven experts to grow impactful and profitable businesses to 6-7 figure mark using my EMD framework.

And If there is one thing that I love more than margaritas, it’s seeing startups grow and thrive.

As a former executive of one of the fastest growing corporations in North America, I’ve been growing and scaling businesses for the last ten years in various sectors-- hospitality, finances, entertainment, and e-learning. I’ve raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that I’ve worked for, and personally was able to scale my own companies past multi 6 figure mark in a record-breaking time.

Whether it’s a company without a solid business idea, or a multi 8+ figure company with various investors.. I know exactly how to navigate through the up’s and down’s and take the start-up to the next level. FAST.

And I can’t wait to do the same for your business!

The value of this intensive is AT LEAST $12k+. Your investment? $699.

(And if we consider what you could make from FINALLY getting your course out there as a revenue stream... Honestly, it's priceless).

Can't pay in full at the moment? No worries!

Grab your spot for 4 biweekly instalments of $200.


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